RPM Enterprises are the Brisbane Air conditioning and Electrical Installation specialists

Before contacting us, we recommend that you take some time to read through our FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) to answer any questions you may have. As Air Conditioning Service Brisbane specialists, we are committed to answering any questions or hesitations.

As outlined, any pricing or timing specifications will be answered through a quote, since the ranges are too difficult to estimate without more details in regards to each project.

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How long will my installation process take?

The installation time is greatly dependant on what kind of project we are undertaking. To provide you with the most accurate answer, we encourage you to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Do you provide Ducted Air Conditioning services?

As a full-service electrical and air conditioning company, we also specialise in Ducted Air Conditioning. Learn more about our Ducted Air Conditioning Brisbane services.

What brands do you stock?

We stock a number of different high-quality and well regarded brands within the Air Conditioning Brisbane industry, including Samsung, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Panasonic. 

What is the price of your installations for a commercial/residential environment?

The installation time is greatly dependant on what kind of project we are undertaking. To provide you with the most accurate answer, we encourage you to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

Do I have an obligation if I ask for a free quote?

Our free quotes provide no obligation, although we hope that our expertise and professionalism allows our clients to trust us with their electrical projects.

Are your workers qualified Electricians?

Our team is built up of qualified and experienced Brisbane Electricians who have extensive knowledge in the area of electrical services. You can trust our friendly team to ensure your electrical requirements are built efficiently and safely.

Do you provide smoke alarm services?

We would be glad to assist you with any smoke alarm needs and requirements, from installation, maintenance and upgrades. Please view our specialised Smoke Alarms Brisbane page for more information about smoke alarms, or alternatively our full list of services to see our full electrical services range.

Are your quotes free?

Our quotes are entirely free, and we will usually provide them in person after we assess the size of the project. As seen in our air conditioning installation process, we will generally make a first visit to ensure we both work to meeting your needs and requirements and so we can provide you with the most feasible and realistic options.

Is there a warranty on your products and services?

All of our products have a manufacturing warranty that depends on the brand and model of the unit required, although we will inform you of the specific details upon choosing your air conditioner. As Air Conditioning Service Brisbane specialists, we aim that our customers are 100% happy with their purchase and installation, and will go to great depths to ensure so.

Why should I choose RPM Enterprises?

We have the sufficient experience, knowledge and reputability in the industry which means our service is unparalleled. As Brisbane Air Conditioning experts, we will work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchase, and we provide realistic solutions for all projects – there is no project too big or too small!

Can I see some examples of your work?

Of course, we have proven success and show off our excellent quality work through our portfolio.

Can you tell me more about the installation process?

We have a dedicated page explaining our air conditioning installation process, although if you have any other concerns please contact us.

My project is ______ big or small, will you still be able to do it?

Our policy says there’s no project too big or too small, and we welcome any challenge. Note that we work on residential and commercial environments, so we are used to dealing with all kinds of installations, projects and repairs.

What suburbs in Brisbane do you cover?

We provide Brisbane Air Conditioning services all throughout Brisbane, including most suburbs in surrounding areas. We have also previously had customers in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and we are happy to discuss and consider any location requirements.

What are your Air Conditioning Installations Costs?

We have an approximate figure of our Air Conditioning Installation Costs depending on sizing and project requirements, although we recommend you contact us for an exact quote.