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Smoke Alarms Brisbane – can you tell me more?

At RPM Enterprises, one of our key focuses is to maintain, install and upgrade smoke alarms. Since we are a full-service electrical company, our expertise also lies in helping Queenslanders ensure their homes are fire-safe and up to date on their smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are an essential aspect of any residential or commercial environment, and can alert you of any smoke signals that may be coming from your home, which are usually caused by a fire. At RPM, we stock the highest quality smoke alarms to suit your home and space requirements, and provide you with advice and assurance regarding our services.



Why is it so important to have smoke alarms installed in your home, and why is RPM’s service so effective?

1. We have qualified electricians, which means our trained and experienced workers will know what parts of your home to place smoke alarms for the earliest detection and most effective positioning. When it comes to the safety of your family, our professional team won’t stop at second to none.

2. Smoke alarms can protect your home and family, and action against any fires can be taken earlier – meaning you have a higher chance of causing less damage to your property. If you are looking for Smoke Alarms in Brisbane, you know you can rely on RPM to assure the most effective installation

3. In Queensland, since July 1997, smoke alarms are required by the government in all new and renovated homes. This law requires homes and units that do not already have working smoke alarms installed to install smoke alarms. As up to date Electricians, we have written a blog on New Smoke Alarm Legislation for your convenience.

4. Maintaining a smoke alarm isn’t just replacing a battery, it also involves repositioning them and testing them through a full-function test. Why risk your family and property, when RPM makes this process a breeze on your behalf.


I’m interested in a smoke alarm – where do I go from now?

To view our full range of services, or if you’re interesting in getting a free quote on any of our Electrical processes, contact us or visit our FAQ‘s page.