RPM Enterprises are the Brisbane Air conditioning and Electrical Installation specialists

As leading Brisbane Air Conditioning experts, RPM Enterprises are determined to achieve the highest quality Air Conditioning and Electrical results for our clients. As industry specialists, we have clients all throughout the Brisbane area and surroundings – ranging from the Brisbane City to suburbs in surrounding areas like Caboolture and Hope Island.

No matter where you are located in Brisbane, we are happy to carry out a full-range of electrical services to suit your needs and requirements. If you are located in the Brisbane surrounding area, we are happy to accomodate for clients in the Gold and Sunshine coasts, including other surrounding areas.

Queensland run and operated

Since we have been owned and operated in Brisbane for over 10 years, we know what Brisbane summers are like and how convenient it can be to install an air conditioner for your home for you and your family to enjoy. We know what air conditioners are most suitable for Queensland homes, and we know exactly where to position them in your home for maximum efficiency.

Why choose RPM Enterprises as a Brisbane Air Conditioning supplier?

One of the factors that distinguishes us from other Brisbane Air Conditioning suppliers is our attention to detail, and our focus to making our air conditioners really blend seamlessly into any home. We are sure to hide any cables and position your new air conditioner in the most effective way. We are also committed to creating long lasting relationships with our clients, so we will go to far lengths to ensure any needs and questions are promptly adressed.

Need a Brisbane Air Conditioning specialist for an upgrade or maintenance?

At RPM Enterprises, we not only complete air conditioning installations, but we also work with upgrading and maintenance for already existing air conditioners, and we are happy to sit down and talk through any concerns you may have. As industry professionals, we know that each home and family are different, and their lifestyle needs may vary when requiring Air Conditioners or Electrical services. This is why we will assess your personal situation and recommend the most appropriate alternatives for your specific requirements.

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Our Brisbane Air Conditioning servicing area – although contact us today to confirm your specific location as we are happy to accomodate for our clients

I’m interested – where do I go from now?

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